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Smart Snap-On Privacy Filter

SMART SNAP-ON PRIVACY - Easy to apply and removable privacy screen guard thanks to the unique metal strip which offers a Snap-On attachment to your device (hanging version also available)


YOUR PRIVACY GUARD – Caseilia Privacy Filter makes on-screen data visible only to individuals sitting directly in front of the monitor. Simply apply it when you are in public areas or when you want to avoid prying eyes; while detach it when you want to share the on-screen data


MORE PRIVACY, LESS MESS - Caseilia Privacy Filter magnetically adheres quickly and seamlessly; With no plastic tabs or adhesive tape required, you can easily take this filter on and off as required; No Fuss/No Mess 


MINIMUM MAINTAINENCE - Caseilia Privacy Filter resists dust, fingerprints, scratches and other sediments from everyday use. Keep it clean easily with a paper towel and screen cleaner


PERFECT FOR COMMUTING – Keep the filter on the device during travel as it doesn’t add any burden thanks to it light-weight and ultra slim design


DUAL-PURPOSE - Protective privacy screen and Anti-Glare screen construction that lasts. Get sensitive private information covered anywhere and is ideal for public spaces, coffee shops, airports and other high traffic areas

Smart Snap-On Privacy Filter

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